How To Play Online Video Poker

Playing video poker mmc996 casino is very simple, just insert the chips or coins ( depending on whether you play at the casino or bar near the house ), press the deal button that will start the “mix” of the cards, when you have your five cards on the display you can select which ones to keep and which to change, with the hold button you select the ones you want to keep.

You press deal for the second and last spin, and based on our result; you can calculate the sum won; the value is given by the bet we made multiplied the result of the cards ( a table on video poker describes the ratio of the various winnings ).

In the game of Draw Poker, sometimes, you have the opportunity to try to double your winnings.

Video poker in online casinos use the same rules as those in bars; some assign progressive jackpots to the royal flush or other combinations to entice players to play; if you are lucky enough to win, you bring home a small treasure.

The most popular versions of video poker are:

Jacks or better use the same rules as American 5-card poker and is the best video poker to start playing.

Deuces Wild uses the 52-card dealer with the addition of the four two that are called “Wild Cards,” the minor payout in this video poker is the trio.

Joker Wild uses the 52 card dealer with the addition of a joker ( used as a wild card ). This special card can be used to complete a meld or to make a set of 5 ( 5 equal cards ). The smallest payout in this video poker is the two pairs.

King of the Decks, five standard 52-card banks are used, the combination with the highest value is made up of 5 kings of clubs. The smallest payout in this house is the two pair, even if it pays very little given the high possibility of making a couple.

The game of poker itself is still a very old game, traces of it can be found as early as the 14th in Persia, from where news of a game comes that has all the characteristics to be the true ancestor of today’s poker. Still, in any case, its origins remain somewhat in the shade, in full tradition with all the most fascinating games of chance.

It is certainly known that this game has undergone a remarkable evolution over the centuries, passing from a simple pastime to a real business in a big style, starting from America and soon spreading all over the rest of the world, suffering considerable transformations also regarding its versions.

We have mentioned the most famous poker variations, from those born directly during the American Civil War, such as Draw Poker, or Stud Poker, to the most modern versions of all video poker of the today’s online casino.

The list of variants would still belong; on the other hand, the needs of the players are constantly changing. So even online casinos try to satisfy them with ever new and original versions, video poker is one of the most popular games in online casinos, as was normal poker in land-based gambling halls.

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